the players
making music like three peas in a pod
John "Refried" Wallace
John, the Refried Bean, has played stringed instruments since junior high school, so it's been a while. He's been a teacher of music for over thirty years, mainly using fiddle and banjo to help people find their musical voice. He's known Garbanzo for all this time, and Chick Pea for almost as long. He is active in the Minnesota State Fiddlers Association and the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association and is fortunate to be one of the Beans.
Jo "ChickPea" Schubert
Jo Schubert (Chickpea) is a retired teacher who taught parents and children for 40+ years and loved her work. As a musician, she plays various stringed instruments, but her first love is her mandolin which adds upbeat rhythm and melodic chords, as well as melody, to the String Bean's sound. She enjoys singing and her pure, natural voice lends itself to traditional music.  Her song-writing tells stories of personal experiences and hopes for a peaceful and healthy world. She has been playing in bands for 25 years since finding Garbanzo, her marriage partner and companion in music and mischief.
Roger "Garbanzo" Cuthbertson
Garbanzo has been playing instrumental music in one form or another since he was given a clarinet in the third grade. His signature practice of rhyming peoples' names into a song about eating beans was developed over the years by singing to his junior high school geography students. Garbanzo and Chickpea met 26 years ago and have been playing tunes together and singing in harmony ever since. Lucky for them, Refried joined the mix about ten years ago. In the String Beans, Garbanzo plays fiddle, guitar, and most of all, cittern. The cittern is a ten stringed instrument that looks and plays something like an octave mandolin. With the String Beans the distinctive cittern sound is heard in a variety of musical genres.